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Those called to healing work often have unconscious love templates that don't serve them leftover from childhood trauma. God-attachment is the key to overcoming relationship instability.

In this quiz, we'll assess whether developmental trauma might be why that is.

Meet your professor

Hi, I'm Dr. Amanda Brees, and I'm a Trauma Expert.

My passion is supporting survivors in facing their struggles with the lonely, achy emptiness of insecure attachment. I specialize in using tools of devotional yoga therapy & meditation for codependency, love addiction, motherhood & attachment trauma. I bring 12+ years of higher education support your recovery!


"Loving it!!! So grateful for your ministry! [The training is] so rich, empowering, and inspiring! I'm so impressed with the course!!!"


Imani Ackerman, Called Student

- Christian Yoga Teacher

"I would highly recommend class with Amanda to help your spiritual growth. She has a unique gift of gently asking the questions that help someone go deep inside themselves...I feel a sense of clear direction."


Maria Lamey, Co-worker

"I am happy with the work Dr. Brees offers. She helped me feel better in my body, and I highly recommend her! She's the best!"

- Ashlee Jacoby
Herbalist & Wellness Coach
Millville, MN


Ashlee Jacoby, client

"At first I didn't really know what to expect, but it was wonderful. Amanda has a gift of creating a peaceful atmosphere.

She is not only well trained, but gifted with insight and clarity that is absolutely Holy Spirit led."

- Kristen Yake, Executive Pastor
The Gathering Church, Client
Mount Shasta


Kristen Yake, Co-Worker

Here are a few reasons why you can no longer afford to stay stuck trying to patch it together alone

You'll likely continue to feel Confused

You might continue to feel lingering doubt

You'll Be less effective to help as many people

You Could fall short of your potential impact

You won't be as accountable to your Recovery

You might struggle with analysis paralysis

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