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I'm available to teach/speak at church events, yoga trainings or workshops. 

Dr. Amanda Brees
Pastoral Counselor, Meditation Researcher & Yoga Therapist
Phone: (507) 693-0189
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$39 | WORKSHOP (on sale)

Your initial attachments create a neurobiological glue for all your future relationships. The research suggested addressing the relationship template and God-attachment through healing the neural pathways with both talk-based & somatic work. My first offer is essentially a meditation workshop for all-levels!

Release overwhelm & numbness

Understand how to create safety in your body & relationships

Learn how to trust yourself again & create healthy boundaries

Discover how to regulate your nervous system

let's do it!

A self-paced group recovery program providing you with everything you need to do the work of healing from relational trauma and specialize in the Yoga of Relationship™ method. This course is a one stop shop to supplement your journey. We learn:

Called: Course

Betrayal trauma & fawning

Somatic, feminine yoga therapy

Victim advocacy (DV/SA) & trauma

Love addiction & womb healing

Faith-based shamanic ancestor work

Upgrade to add additional coaching, professional certification, or a year-long internship program to open a franchise.

Accessibility scholarships & payment plans available

$1,499 | ENROLL NOW

Vox me to share your story, hear mine & ask your questions! I'm here to help you heal.

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