A year of retreats, individual coaching, and accountability to certify you as a Yoga of Relationship™ Teacher. You can chose to train others in my method or grow your own brand. 

During this year you'll take group, live Master & Karuna℠ Reiki trainings. You'll have monthly 60-minute sessions with me, alongside 12-hours of course creation training to grow your offer.

stop doubting, start healing

I created this internship program to be what I really needed 5-10 years ago as I was making the shift from practitioner to teacher.

It's designed to Balance additional learning with practical tools to support you in growing your own online course & coaching.

We'll read the 35 articles from my study, meet 12 times for an hour, have twice weekly voxer-style check-ins, hold you accountable to 12 hours of course creation lectures all while Certifying you as a reiki teacher.

As a contemplative, it can be confusing to navigate the world of spirituality without a guide. I'm here to support you!

Hi there, I'm Dr. Amanda 👋

What do you get?

Reiki Master & Karuna

Ongoing weekly check-ins

Monthly lecture content

monthly 60-min sessions

35 Journal articles

A No Contract payment plan

You've already completed the PreRequisite e-course

You want to be come an ICRT certified karuna reiki teacher

You want to spent a year expanding your ministry

This is for you if...

You want to do intensive pastoral counseling sessions

Introducing Anointed

A year to grow your ministry

Anointed Internship Program

Advanced Individual Coaching Program

so, this is the scoop

Here's what you get

continuing access to the dwell app of contemplative practices & Csa oils

accountability & 12 hours of prerecorded training on how to launch your online course

12-Monthly pastoral counseling sessions; ongoing voxer support & 35 journal articles

Certificated as a world peace holy fire III online karuna reiki master teacher through the icrt

How it works

1. Apply

This program is by application and subject to my availability. Not all who apply will be accepted. Reiki retreats happen via Zoom twice a year.

2. Enroll

You can start the program at most any time with a payment plan. Simply cancel you payment plan at any time to stop the internship early.

3. transform

After you complete all the requirements, send me an email requesting to graduate as a certified Christian Contemplative Teacher.

Three Easy Steps

"I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever."

Psalm 23:6

Ongoing Access to the Dwell App

This internship program is app-based and part time to build your own online course & coaching Ministry.

THis sounds like me

After 20-years of contemplative practices, and 10+ years of academic study & ministry, I decided to innovate a way to hybrid my contemplative teachings. I've pretty much figured out what works & what doesn't. This internship program goes beyond teaching you more head-knowledge about healing trauma. It takes that information and applies both to your own personal healing work to then more efficiently serve others through your own course. 

Why trust me??

OK, but who is this chick? 

"I strongly believe in the work she's doing. I would highly recommend Dr. Brees."

pastor corey yake, the gathering church

This      for you if:

YOu want to launch a course

You don't like technology

You want to become a reiki master

You don't resonate with reiki

YOu want to do monthly check-ins

It's probably         for you if...

You don't have the time to heal


This program is spread out over 12-months so you can do it part-time

Whether you have kids, a part-time job, or an existing ministry, this internship program is designed to support your existing commitments and life instead of take you away from all of it.

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Anointed Program

a guidebook for our journey together

"I would highly recommend a reiki class or session with Amanda to help you spiritual growth. She has a unique gift 

Of Gently Asking The Questions That Help Someone Go Deep Inside Themselves...A Training With Amanda Also Helped Heal Me On A Spiritual Level. I Felt A Sense Of Calm And Clear Direction. I've been seeing Amanda as a student client since 2016 and we worked together in 2003.

- Maria L., Wabasha MN Reiki student

The Anointed Internship is unique because the focus is on your ministry

It connects you to a guide

Other courses give you a false dichtomoy: they'll teach you business and life coaching saavy regarding digital marketing and how to build an online course, or they'll teach you how to become an advanced healing teacher. I've never seen one program that combines the spiritual components of training with the business acumen you need to put those skills to work to grow impact.

It doesn't matter how many alternative medicine certificates you amass if you don't know how to create an automated and scalable marketing and value delivery system. You'll need an additional budget of about $200/month to finance your own digital ministry app-based, on-demand e-course.

10 years ago, I embarked on my practitioner journey

I was a certified spiritual entrepreneur with nothing more than an office-space, a business card, and website. Little did I realize how the world of working as a digital nomad attending online school for 10+ years would mold the future of the online course creation world. It's not enough to want to build a course. It's also not enough to be just another hippy with a dream. You need both to make real impact.

i can help because i've been there

but nowI know how to help!

Let's make this easy

Still Not Sure?

Cancel at anytime. This internship has no contract or commitment. Simply make your payment for the month to continue onwards with the journey. Not a great fit? No problem! Either of us can cancel at anytime.

ohh, gimme!

Frequently Asked Questions

No. I only teach my Reiki trainings through my two programs: Called and Anointed. If you want to learn Reiki without focus on the Christian part of it, I highly recommend you visit the International Center for Reiki Training to take class with a licensed Reiki Teacher instead. My focus is Christian reiki, yoga-therapy & herbs.

We will absolutely use the tools of yoga-therapy in your personal counseling work, the yoga-therapy app of contemplative practices, and the required readings. This is more of a professional yoga business development course. The reiki training hours do not count towards yoga business course hours.

Meditation teachers are largely unregulated. Anyone can include meditations in their book, retreat, or class nowadays. That said, meditation is a modality of yoga therapy. You will learn enough tools of meditation in Called and Anointed to call yourself a Meditation Teacher, but you do not have to take the course to be one.

No. This internship is potentially triggering as we work through you trauma ministry process. Because our focus is relational trauma, there's a possibility that our own relationship issues will arise in the process. Therefore, you are not bound by contract and neither am I. You only need to fill out your waiver.

You will become certified as a Christian Contemplative Teacher (CCT) with the ability to put those initials behind your name. This is not an accredited program. You will not 'work' for me at all. Instead, we will work together to launch your own brand of Christian spirituality and healing online course & coaching program.

If you do not want to take this material and create your own unique brand, let me know in the application. Those who are certified to teach my program are called Christian Contemplative Trainers. They have rights to train others in this method through an intellectual property use license agreement. 

No. I am empowering you to create your own brand story based on your unique practitioner trainings, life experience, and desired outcomes. You may use all the tools I've taught you in Called and Anointed, but you may not simply re-created my course which is based on my copyrighted dissertation.

Sometimes. Currently, my offerings are live-streamed, but my goal is to build three Christian meditation retreat centers modeled after Esalen/Kalani with a national franchise of Christian meditation studios. If you're a local, we can meet in person, but I am not currently setup to host guest. Stay tuned!

All are welcome in the Called: Personal Pathway program. In this program, we do need to be in agreement about Jesus, moral ethics, and theology. You are welcome to think for yourself and do your own thing after the training. No one will be policing your personal life or choices once you graduate.

See you inside!

send me an email for an application

Anointed Internship

One Year Program