inner healing & deliverance ministry

Achieve calmness and stability in a life free from chaos. Our method guides you in fostering safe, healthy relationships by stabilizing your nervous system and deepening your connection with the Divine.

As you embrace this journey and connect with your body, not only will you live in a profound state of gratitude, cherishing every step, but you'll also be empowered to serve those you're called to help with a heart full of purpose.

Passionately nurturing recovery, empowering Christian healers, and guiding survivors with the Yoga of Relationship™ method.


For over a decade, I have dedicated myself as a Pastoral Counselor, diving deep into the healing arts.

What truly drives me? Helping adult survivors reclaim their lives, rediscovering the peace and wholeness they might have thought was forever lost due to family traumas like divorce, sexual assault, codependence, and domestic violence.

I intimately understand the weight of hopelessness. My own journey began when I grappled with the lingering scars of childhood trauma. It was a path marked by fractured relationships and a painful sense of inadequacy. But in my darkest moments, the Holy Spirit guided me, leading me to the transformative Yoga of Relationship™ methodology. This journey allowed me to release the profound shame I felt, the gnawing sense that something was inherently wrong with me.

Balancing the heart of a spiritual mystic with the rigor of an academic deeply committed to Jesus, my faith journey is unique. As a disabled veteran, it was my unyielding connection with God that became the cornerstone of my recovery. And today? My mission is to share this profound clarity with you, illuminating your path towards healing and purpose.

Hi, I'm Dr. Amanda Brees!



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Inclusive Devotion: No matter where you stand in your faith journey, you're welcome here. Our guiding light is the Holy Spirit, and our mission is to strengthen our bond with God as a foundation for trauma recovery.

Comprehensive Wellness: Healing isn't just spiritual or mental; it's a full-bodied experience. While rooted in deep traditions, our approach emphasizes practical and holistic solutions to help you truly recover and thrive.

Unified Exploration and Freedom: My mission is to support survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault, and complex trauma. I believe in the freedom to harness and adapt every available resource, bridging the gap between traditional and contemporary practices. Whether through faith communities, prayer, therapeutic practices, yoga, and holistic wellness, my approach is about finding unity in diversity, ensuring that we utilize the most potent tools to deepen our connection to God and promote holistic healing.


Born to a Lutheran farm family in Minnesota. Gave my life to Jesus in 1997 & read the Bible.


Began practicing devotional yoga, reiki, and meditation while serving on my youth group leadership team.


Graduated Plainview High School and joined the Army National Guard as a Chaplin's Assistant. Had my son Alex.


Baptized at IHOP-KC! Then moved out to mystical Mount Shasta, California (originally for BSSM) where I'd spend six of the next ten years on and off living amongst the global mecca of seekers (also spent 6 months at Mayo as a CA.)


Left corporate America to launch my healing ministry (Stillwaters Healing) and went back to school for yoga, massage, reflexology and reiki.


humble beginnings!

see, dreams do come true! crazy, huh?

Spent a year in Hawaii and living abroad in Europe while in grad school.


Had my daughter Ady during my winter break of post-grad school! Lived in Mt. Shasta again while serving at an Assemblies of God church plant on staff for four years.


Defended my doctoral dissertation on Christian adapted complementary therapies for adult survivors of family trauma after moving back home.


Finished the following certifications:
  • C-IAYT Yoga Therapist (started in 2017)
  • E-RYT 500, YACEP, APD (Yoga Alliance)
  • Holy Fire III™ Karuna ™ Online World Peace™ Reiki Master Teacher


Launched my first online course and workbook back near my hometown in Minnesota where I continue to serve survivors.


the goodness of God...

what a year, eh?

Now is the time to heal

"How will you start living now that you've survived?"
- Yola Carter

Are you experiencing a mid-life crisis after leaving a narcissistic relationship? We'll discuss the practicals of how to process victimization trauma. Addressing childhood trauma rebalancing the body with functional medicine & ayurveda is vital.

Holistic Nutrition for Trauma

Divorce & Family Court

Have you found yourself navigating a complex family law matter in the fallout of a breakup? We'll discuss legal advocacy and all-levels paralegal education for survivors of familial trauma straight from the first hand experience of a DA's Victim Paralegal.

What you'll learn inside the course:

Surviving Domestic Violence

Has your life been impacted by sexual assault, family violence, or gaslighting? We'll appeal to the authority of a Higher Power to restore hope after relationship trauma.

Accredited Degrees

  • EDD Doctorate of Education, Liberty University, Pastoral Counseling
  • MA Master of Arts, Sofia University, Transpersonal Psychology w/an Ecopsyhcology and Creative Expression Certificate
  • BA Bachelor of Arts, UNWSP, Biblical Studies and Theology: 1 year of Koine Greek
  • AA Associate of Arts, Saint Paul College, 200 Hour Yoga Teacher, 750 Hour Licensed Massage Therapist, 250 Hour Reflexologist, Holistic Nutrition Coach


  • Orthopedic Myofascial Certificate (in progress) 23.5 hrs
  • Foundations of Shamanism: Shamanic Archetypes with Spirit Bird
  • Barre Teacher Training, Muddy Waters Yoga, Winona, MN (12 hours)
  • Hale Pule Ayurveda: Agni Therapy Training (50 hr)
  • 805 hr Soul of Yoga, Yoga Therapist/300 Hour Advanced Yoga Teacher: Yoga of Recovery (50hrs), Trauma-Sensitive Yoga (30hrs), iRest Yoga Nidra Level 1 (30hrs), Integral Yoga for Autoimmune (30hrs), Ayurveda (50hrs), Yoga of Heart (50hrs), Holistic Anatomy & Physiology (80hrs) & Soul of Life (75hrs)
  • Trauma-Sensitive HeartMath© Certified Practitioner
  • Karuna™ Holy Fire® III Online World Peace Reiki Master Teacher, ICRT
  • Holy Yoga 60 Hour Trauma Sensitive Yoga Teacher Training (HYI-Trauma Sensitive)
  • The Resilient Heart™: Trauma-Sensitive HearthMath Course
  • Huna Hawaiian Shamanic Practitioner Level 1
  • Healing Touch Spiritual Ministry Levels 1 & 2: Healing & Anointing with Essential Oils
  • Integrated Energy Therapy: Intermediate Level


  • Evolutionary Herbalism Astro-Herbalism Training
  • Shamanic Apprenticeship: Year-Long Training
  • Living Earth Kauai Eco-Village: 500 Hr Sacred Embodiment Residential Training
  • Ascension Path Training with Sandra Walter
  • Chaplin's Assistant School: Army National Guard: 2 Army Achievement Awards
  • Clinical Assistant Training Program: Mayo Clinic Rochester (Anatomy & Physiology, Pathology)
  • Bethel's School of Supernatural Ministry (3 months) + Leadership Development Training
  • Human Design: Living your Design


  • Four Years On and Off Interning & Volunteer Staff at The Gathering, Mt. Shasta CA
  • Hearing the Voice of God: 8-Week Prophetic Training at Destiny Church Rochester MN
  • Prophetic Dream Interpretation Course: Pastor Kristi Graner Dare to Believe Ministries
  • Leadership Development Program: Paul Manwaring: Bethel (7 Months)
  • Mental Health First Aide Certification
  • Introduction to Kriya Yoga and Karmic Astrology with Swami Vidayananda
  • Chakra Theory Workshop: YogaNorth Advanced Yoga Teacher Workshop with Gracia Gisme
  • Teen Mania Ministries: Washington DC Missions Trip
  • Verbo Ecuador Cuenca: Residential Missionary Missions Work

Professional Organizations

  • American Legion, Minnesota, Post 1982
  • Wisconsin Victim Witness Professional Organization
  • Licensed Massage Therapist* in MN
  • International Center for Reiki Training, Associate Member
  • Member of International Associate of Yoga Therapist, C-IAYT
  • Approved Professional Development (APD) with C-IAYT
  • 500 Hour Registered Yoga Teacher w/Yoga Alliance
  • Ordained Minister, Christian Global Outreach
  • National Association of Complementary and Alternative Medicine Member

I have confessed Jesus as my personal Lord and Savior; received both infant and adult baptism alongside the baptism of the Holy Spirit. I believe that yoga is essentially meditation; and that the purpose of meditation is union with God as mirroed in the Garden of Eden. I believe that certain 'new age' spiritual practices can be adapted to a Christian worldview (ie: crystals, new moons, essential oils, laying on of hands) and others cannot (witchcraft).

I believe that there is only one God who exists in three persons (Father, son & Holy Spirit); that jesus is the only way to God; that the bible is God's perfect word...

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Fun Facts


I've done home school and home water birth & played/sang on many church worship teams.


I attended BSSM at bethel for 3 months and was baptized at ihop-kc during the peak of the 2011 revivals.


I LIVED ON TWO ECO-VILLAGES IN HAWAII for nearly a year and lived in magical mt. Shasta Ca for 6/10 years of my life.

Who do I serve?






TRAUMA Survivors

What's Codependency?

Codependency is essentially looking outside yourself for unconditional positive regard. What's the antidote to this? 

  • Getting to know yourself and finding that within yourself
  • Growing in your relationship with God as a stabilizing force beyond the changing tides of love
  • Understanding your core values

Your core values can be understood where our feelings (anger, jealousy, and peace) are trying to speak to us about where our boundaries exist in relationship to others. Clues to your CVs include noticing how you spend your free time, guilt around self-care, what you enjoyed as a child, what makes you feel most alive, and who you admire. Boundaries and routine are the tools one can use to guard one's CVs in day to day life and avoid codependence.

Isn't it time you finally found relief from codependent relationships?

A peer-review expert in the intersection between trauma, meditation & faith. No one had researched this same specialty!

Accessible, on-demand, app-based educational products that work around your schedule & commitments.

Practical, grounded & empirical unique findings translated into easy-to-understand faith-based courses, books, and training.

Options to upgrade to add personalized individual coaching sessions alongside diversity & inclusion scholarships & payment plans.

with me, you get: 

The ability to feel great supporting an emerging farmer, vet & single momma of two amazing kids!

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Join the journey

Let's get you feeling back in control of what you want your life to look like

KNOW the freedom that comes with finally being free of relational trauma

EDUCATE yourself on exactly how to break the cycles of chaos

GROW your contemplative and meditative practices with your spirituality

STOP the endless jumping from healer to healer without getting lasting results

You'll Learn how to:

OVERCOME the never-ending confusion about how to do the work of healing

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How can I 

Open your heart to Divine love and possibilities with my 15 hour YACEP approved class.

Mini Course

Start your journey with a complementary childhood trauma quiz to assess your recovery.


Assess how attachment and insecure love might be undermining your efforts as a healer.