Empowered with a doctorate in Community Care & Counseling alongside my experience working as Victim Witness Specialist a local DA's office, I'm here for you as an advocate in your struggle with family trauma.

For locals only, I offer community service advocacy work to help you navigate the spiritual aspect of recovery.

Whether you're caught in intimate partner violence or struggling with attachment trauma, I can help with:

  • Advocacy with court proceedings in family trauma
  • Relationship trauma coaching
  • Practical direction & referrals interfacing w/local community agencies for ongoing needs
  • Spiritual guidance for nervous system regulation

My job is to fill in the gaps between the legal system, community services providers, and spiritual practitioners; this is not a replacement for therapy.

I offer advocacy for local clients and coaching for virtual students. I also teach practitioners advocacy work in the full course. I don't offer advocacy to non-locals who aren't also students.

Advocacy for locals is specifically geared towards women struggling with sexual assault, military sexual trauma, homelessness, divorce, custody disputes, and domestic violence.

I'm here to support your recovery journey

advocacy work + relational coaching

You need more than woo-woo support during a hard time, you need an advocate in the practicals too.

The Expertise You Need To Move Your Healing Forward Fast.

private practice rates:

 1:1: $100/hour or 3/$225

Voxer coaching: $99/month on sale for $45/month during my launch phase. Must either be enrolled in a course or be an established client.

  • 24 hour response to chats through Voxer
  • Personalized support to help you get clear on what your goals are and how to achieve them
  • 2-15 min long check-ins to track progress

Add Voxer Support to 1:1 work: clients & Students

Get personalized, daily access to coaching from me. Think of it like texting a friend, except that friend is an expert in anxiety, stress, codependency, and love addiction. No bots, automations, or computers responding to you. You get the real me just like I get the real you. Be held accountable and feel heard as you work to navigate your day to day while becoming the best version of you. 1:1 coaching is currently waitlisted as I work part-time.

I specialize in love addiction, complex trauma, betrayal trauma, and the mother wound using a grounded theory of familial trauma.

Expert support

Have a compassionate listener hear your story, offer gentle guidance, and hold you accountable to the work with your authentic voice.

Tell your story

Do you use your friends as a therapist or is yours not trauma/mother wound informed? Free up your friends and commit to a trauma expert.

Experience results

How it Works

The expertise you need to finally overcome heartbreak.

Advanced meditation and yoga practices designed to transform your relationships with God, self, and others.


Whether you have a current relational situation that needs support, or you're feeling called to support others, I can help.


Merging the best of contemplative neurotheology with practical tools to streamline attachment-based & trauma-informed methods.



"I Have Been Struggling With This Topic For A Long Time & Have Asked Many

Peers For Advice But No One Seems To Have An Opinion. My Dad Is A Pastor And He Wasn't Even Sure. You Have Eased So Much Guilt For Me Today."

Christian Yogi

"I feel so empowered after this. Looking forward to more."

- Love on the 'Gram
"I would highly recommend Dr. Brees."
Liberty University

Dr. Jason Wright

Christian yoga teacher
Love on the 'gram

Dr. Jason Wright, LMFT, LPC, LPCC
Associate Professor






Examples of what we can accomplish

How does this sound?

You can learn practical, grounded nervous system regulation tools

We can use a variety of spiritual direction, prophetic, and yoga therapy

The work can be streamlined and support other healing modalities

You can ask more questions about the content, but all students have access to email and tech support at no charge

We can work through your current relationship issues

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She has a unique gift of gently asking the questions that help someone go deep inside themselves...a training with Amanda also helped lead me back to myself to heal on a spiritual level. I felt a sense of calm and clear direction."

"I would highly recommend in-person pastoral counseling & reiki trainings w/Amanda.

Walked through the fire


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I hadn't tried yoga before, but Amanda needed help with her case studies for yoga therapy. I was in dire knee pain to the point I almost couldn't walk. Amanda not only created some of these videos you see just for me, she worked with an entire care team to get real results."

"I Didn't Really Think Yoga Was For Me As A Christian, But It Was Actually Very Helpful."

Started a yoga therapy journey


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This is the 3/$225 option for locals & students only: 

Session 1: Spiritual Direction: This session is designed to assess and clarify your life purpose and soul's journey through chart reading, spiritual direction, and prophetic inner healing prayer.

Session 2: Relationship Coaching: This session clears relationship trauma through emotion-clearing practices, a lifestyle & holistic health assessment, and pastoral counseling.

Session 3: Somatic Session: 20-minute yoga mat-based back massage with ayurvedic oil, 20-minute reflexology, and 20 minutes of hands-on reiki with essential oils and sound healing to release trauma in the body.

1:1 Coaching: Now Open!


You've done a great job surviving. Let's work together to get you thriving.

This sounds great



"A first I didn't really know what to expect

but it was wonderful. Amanda has a gift of creating a peaceful atmosphere that is incredibly calming. She is not only well trained, but gifted with insight and clarity that is absolutely Holy Spirit led."

Kristen Yake, Exective Pastor

Kind words from happy cliets.

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The mini-course is a great supplement to the full, holistic, comprehensive e-course.

Embody the feminine heart of motherhood with maternal healing yoga, meditation, and Ayurvedic practices and tools. 


Learn functional medicine and sacred herbal wisdom woven in both low-residency trainings, courses, and coaching resources. Check out the shop for more resources.


Heal in group with ongoing e-course cohorts close to the earth at various spiritual retreats in the e-course.


Plant medicine encourages us to stay close to the earth and in community as women in sacred circle.


Who is this for?

women & mothers


The Broken hearted


Yoga Practitioners

wellness enthusiasts

Can I access your 1:1 app without becoming a client?

No. 1:1 voxer coaching is for clients and students only to create a small, nurturing container for healing work. Due to the complex nature of this work, I only work with a handful of in-person clients and offer coaching to online students. At this time, I do not offer stand alone virtual coaching sessions to non-students to ensure I'm fully present with our intimate group.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this psychotherapy?

No. This work is a comprehensive supplemental psychoeducation and coaching designed to streamline relational trauma recovery. It is not meant to replace a family law attorney or marriage and family therapist's individual professional assessment and recommendation of your unique circumstances. It is, however, based on a grounded research theory with a strong emphasis on educaiton.

Do you take insurance?

I do not. Sessions are $150 on sale for $100 hour, and include ongoing text and email support.  As my free gift to you, please enroll in my master class at no cost. You'll have access to a library of supportive content to get you started doing your own relational trauma recovery regardless of ability to pay for in-person one-on-one sessions. 

*You'll receive instant access to the masterclass & guide. I respect your privacy.

Learn how to Heal betrayal, release grief, and grow as a christian healer

THE BIGGEST SHIFT YOU NEED TO MAKE in healing your relationship template using somatic therapies

WHAT YOU DON'T KNOW ABOUT releasing ABUSE into God's hands During love addiction recovery

In this masterclass, you'll learn the GROUNDED method I created to clean up my relating & help survivors of complex trauma do the same. PLUS! Vet my sources with the 80 Bible verses that discuss crystals, laying on of hands, meditation, herbalism, essential oils and new moons. 

Bonus! Healing Moments: 5 Days of Ministry!

- Imani

"Oh my goodness, Amanda!!!!! Your course is phenomenal. I am blown away!!!! This is an answer to prayer."

betrayal trauma recovery



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