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Welcome! I'm Dr. Amanda, a biblical naturopath, pastoral counselor, and Christian yoga therapist specializing in supporting trauma survivors, Jesus lovers, and spiritual seekers. While we seek healing through Jesus, we also embrace the Garden of Eden as God's apothecary, filled with eco-spiritual wellness from heaven to earth, and leaves for the healing of the nations (Revelation 22:2).


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love that heals is your birthright...

I use biblical naturopathic methods with accessible, faith-based, all-level devotional yoga therapy & pastoral counseling.

In moments of deep emotional struggle, have you ever felt like traditional methods just weren't enough? I understand your pain, and that's why I've created this 17-page holistic psychiatry guide. You'll discover integrative medicine and vitalist solutions for regulating your nervous system, alongside self-care tips from my expertise as someone with a doctorate in counseling. Download this guide now and take the first step towards a more balanced, fulfilling life.

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Holistic Psychiatry Guide

Divine love as true love. Holy Spirit is so much closer, kinder, & more loving than you could ever imagine.

psalm 147:3

"God heals the broken Hearted"

Are you out of hope? I get it. After a lifetime of running from the heartache of childhood trauma that manifested as broken relationships, Holy Spirit led me on a journey of releasing the deep sense of shame that something was inherently wrong with me through the Yoga of Relationship™ methodology.

My superpower is helping adult survivors become restored to wholeness after family trauma: divorce, sexual assault, codependence and domestic violence.


   of people
suffer from insecure attachment injury... 

You're not alone:


  • You feel a deep calling to help others, but your personal Trauma history keeps getting in the way.

  • Intimate relationships often seem fleeting or unfulfilling, leaving you wondering if there's more.

  • Despite your spiritual connection, you're seeking tangible, evidence-based approaches to healing.
  • You identify as a Christian and yearn to integrate biblical naturopathy and God-attachment in your healing journey.

  • Your quest for self-improvement leads you from one certification or method to another, yet something still feels amiss.

  • You're intrigued by holistic healing methods that encompass both body (somatic) & Naturopathy.

this is for you if:

years of experience
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Life doesn't have to be this way forever. Discover the power within you to heal, grow, and embrace self-love.

true love...


Hi, I'm Dr. Amanda Brees -
Biblical Naturoapth

  • Learn the science behind nervous system regulation skills (ie: yoga therapy) to rewire attachment patterns that keep you fighting and flighting in romance as an adult survivor
  • Understand the science behind attachment and how the unresolved aspects of developmental trauma continue to drive chronic relationships instability
  • Implement the advanced science of meditation into rewiring your love templates with God, self and others
  • Empower yourself with faith-based resources to fully implement your Christian spirituality into creating loving and secure romantic relationships to transcend the drama of human love
  • Embody true love and healthy relating skills by appealing to the sanity of a Higher Power with somatic methods & naturopathy

+ yoga therapist

attune with the rhythm of nature...

In a world obsessed with the Self, devotional yoga, biblical naturopathy & lay ministry rely on access to Holy Spirit to transcend the frailty of the ego & human love.

Have you spent a lifetime running from the deep ache of attachment injury?

As a heartbroken survivor, do you struggle with an endless love ache?

You struggle with intimacy, food issues, unstable moods, and painful relationship turmoil despite your best efforts to heal.

Despite your deep desire to serve and support others, you find it hard to maintain balance and health in your own life. 

Even though you had a challenging childhood, it's hard to pinpoint why it's still impacting your choices and behavior as an adult.

You often feel a heavy sense of guilt or shame, and sometimes, it feels like others just don't "get" what you're going through.

sound familiar?

can you relate?

Reiki Training >

I teach all levels of reiki training through the International Center for Reiki Training (ICRT). Learn how to do reiki on yourself, then help others, and finish by becoming a teacher! Start by attending a 1:1 session or joining us for a reiki share. 

Reiki Retreats

1:1 personal retreats
virtual & in-person
app-based/on demand

Join us for live-streamed, on-demand and in-person yoga classes & trainings. Gentle yoga involves a synthesis of a myriad of contemplative practices such as yin, bhakti (devotional), yoga therapy, creative expression, nidra, and meditation. Classes are focused on emotional and somatic releases of trauma in Alma, WI at the Happy Hub resuming live August 28th!

Yoga Classes

Meeting you where your healing grows...

Maybe your relationships seem to be a roller-coaster of emotions, with intense highs and lows and motherhood feels overwhelming at times, and losses hit you harder than most. In this podcast, we'll discuss how the nature of the healing journey tends to lend itself to a natural outcome of becoming a healer yourself. 


the podcast


An on-demand ministry school course for those who want to specialize in complex trauma using devotional yoga therapy, pastoral counseling & biblical naturopathy. This technique focuses on a holistic approach to healing, addressing somatic manifestations of complex trauma in the body. My aspiration is that those who complete the course not only find healing for themselves but also become equipped to spread healing to others, ultimately creating a ripple effect of restoration within their communities and bringing the gospel to the nations.

Words can't describe how happy I am you're here!

- xo, dr. amanda brees

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Free quiz to assess whether complex trauma is still running your life even as a Christian healer.

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