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"At first I didn't really know what to expect, but it was wonderful. Amanda has a gift of creating a peaceful atmosphere.

She is not only well trained, but gifted with insight and clarity that is absolutely Holy Spirit led."

- Kristen Yake, Executive Pastor
The Gathering Church, Client
Mount Shasta


Kristen Yake, Co-Worker

"I've know Amanda since Fall of 2017 when she began volunteering as our staff. I strongly believe in the work she's doing."

Corey Yake, Senior Pastor
The Gathering Church, Pastor
Mount Shasta


Corey Yake, Co-WOrker

"Amanda is a solid Christian with a solid work ethic. We volunteered at church together & I absolutely appreciated her work ethic. I'd highly recommend Amanda."

- Scott Rodriguez
CrossFit Gym Owner
Mount Shasta, CA


Scott rodriguez, Client

"Loving it!!! So grateful for your ministry! [The training is] so rich, empowering, and inspiring! I'm so impressed with the course!!!"


Imani Ackerman, Called Student

- Christian Yoga Teacher

"I would highly recommend class with Amanda to help your spiritual growth. She has a unique gift of gently asking the questions that help someone go deep inside themselves...I feel a sense of clear direction."


Maria Lamey, Co-worker

"I didn't really think yoga was for me as a Christian, but it was actually very helpful. I'm glad I tried it.

"Amanda Is highly gifted & insightful. I hadn't tried yoga before, but Amanda needed help with her case studies for yoga therapy. I was in dire knee pain to the point I almost couldn't walk. Amanda not only created some of these videos you see just for me, she also walked me through all of it to get real results."


Mary Jacob, client

"I was pleasantly surprised by how impactful the work was. Yoga isn't really my thing, but it helped much more than I anticipated."

"Our sessions brought clarity to a lot of stress that was going on in my life. I really am glad I took the time to explore yoga and meditation in greater depth. I really liked the co-meditation best."


Alexander Jimenez, client

"You're an awesome mom and such inspiring person! I certainly see a book in your future!! Thanks again for being on the show."


Laura Balboni, client

- The Gathering Church
Laura Balboni, Marketing Expert
Mount Shasta, CA

"Thank you for being such an amazing mom, student, teacher and healer-How you give everything from your heart."

I've loved having your heart and mind with us in each and every training you did with Soul. I love your penetrating mind and questions and how you take everything to heart. I love how you LIVE your yoga and your faith. It's beautiful to behold, as are YOU!!!
- Monique Lonner, Director of the Yoga Therapy program


Soul of Yoga | Yoga TherapIST

"While working with Amanda, I noticed her ability to be structured & organized. She offers a professional communication & creativity."


Katie Rodriguez, co-worker

- Katie Rodriguez
Administrative Assistant
The Gathering Church

"I am happy with the work Dr. Brees offers. She helped me feel better in my body, and I highly recommend her! She's the best!"

- Ashlee Jacoby
Herbalist & Wellness Coach
Millville, MN


Ashlee Jacoby, client

"I was impressed by her work ethic, attention to detail, & extraordinary passion for her topic. I'd highly recommend her."

dr. wright

Dr. Jason Wright, LMFT LPC LPCC

- Associate Professor
Liberty University
School of Behavioral Sciences