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CHAPTER FIVE: CONCLUSION Summary of Findings The study findings present preliminary support regarding the implementation of Christian-adapted complementary therapies for healing familial trauma. This support is by no means exhaustive. However, the evidence regarding the use of fourth wave treatment for trauma points toward promise for Christian-adapt mindfulness practices. Evidence suggests that additional quantitative data […]


Contemplative Neurotheolgian, Yoga therapist, pastoral counselor

Hi, I'm Dr. Amanda -
Yoga Therapist & Pastoral Counselor

I'm here to help you streamline the work of trauma healing using faith-based contemplative methods grounded in science. Working exclusively with faith-based yogis & meditators means I already speak your language & know what's working in our industry. 

Every client I work with is anchored in 10+ years of higher education & practitioner experience, which means things don't just look pretty & sound good - they actually work!

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