The Double Bind of Guru-Mania

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The Double Bind of Guru-Mania

What you don’t know about the Argument of Authority

In this episode, we’ll respond to the tendency for modern gurus to follow suit with academic elitism in order to discredit new practitioners of yoga with false humility. 

This is a subtle, but narcissistic, power and control dynamic that still exists in modern yoga credentialing and education. 

In this episode, I talk about:

  • What gurus and pastors share when it comes to gatekeeping Christian yoga
  • How modern yoga teachers create a double bind for students with their false humility
  • Why it’s important for yoga to evolve and stop compelling students toward Hinduism
  • The implication of yoga being mass-marketed to the west by 30 modern gurus as religiously adaptable
  • How come yoga is essentially meditation and therefore entering the mainstream trauma literature
  • The difference between classical, shamanic, Indian yoga and modern yoga as therapy for trauma
  • The truth about cultural appropriation and non-dualism
  • How to culturally appreciate yoga as an interfaith spiritual practice that’s been influenced by many religions
  • The difference between modern Hinduism and yoga as a branch of ancient pre-Hindu practices
  • How meditation can be adopted by all religions as a spiritual tool just like prayer
  • The conflict of interest that’s not being addressed by modern yoga culture’s guru-mania

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