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Hi, there! My name is Dr. Amanda Brees and I’m a Pastoral Counselor and Meditation Researcher who lives on a farm near Plainview, Minnesota with my family. Born to a Lutheran family on a farm in Minnesota, Amanda discovered her passion for complementary therapies (CT) during her own healing process with Jesus. She began practicing […]


Contemplative Neurotheolgian, Yoga therapist, pastoral counselor

Hi, I'm Dr. Amanda -
Yoga Therapist & Pastoral Counselor

I'm here to help you streamline the work of trauma healing using faith-based contemplative methods grounded in science. Working exclusively with faith-based yogis & meditators means I already speak your language & know what's working in our industry. 

Every client I work with is anchored in 10+ years of higher education & practitioner experience, which means things don't just look pretty & sound good - they actually work!

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