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Are you interested in sharing your healing work with the world in a more effective manner? Do you currently have a basic website and business card, but want to grow an online offer? Have you felt confused about how to up-level your online school–or create one if it doesn’t exist? Are you wondering if you […]



Here’s what you need to know about spiritual entrepreneurship

Have you struggled to charge what you’re worth as a healer? Do you desire more time to devote to your spiritual practices and household responsibilities instead of servicing clients? Are you interested in automating your marketing and value delivery system to create passive and scalable income? Spiritual education helps overcome mindset issues surrounding charging for […]


Contemplative Neurotheolgian, Yoga therapist, pastoral counselor

Hi, I'm Dr. Amanda -
Yoga Therapist & Pastoral Counselor

I'm here to help you streamline the work of trauma healing using faith-based contemplative methods grounded in science. Working exclusively with faith-based yogis & meditators means I already speak your language & know what's working in our industry. 

Every client I work with is anchored in 10+ years of higher education & practitioner experience, which means things don't just look pretty & sound good - they actually work!

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