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CAM Is Indicated and Appropriate With Adaption This theme seems to represent an emerging consensus that CAM is appropriate for Christians with adaption and superior to not practicing CAM. CAM provides additional healing support beyond psychopharmacology. The emerging field of neuroscience is validating the bottom-up approach to healing complex trauma. Brown (2013) argued that efficacy […]



Christian Yoga as Lay-Ministry: Transpersonal Approaches to Pastoral Care

Pentecostal Faith Healing and Complementary Therapies. Brown (2014) has been following the charismatic and Pentecostal revivals sweeping North America for more than 10 years. During this time, she has noted an overlap between CTs and charismatics. Often, these conservative believers get disillusioned with modern medicine. Brown noted that Pentecostals tend to view spiritual healing in […]



Borderline Personality Disorder: A Christian Perspective on Emotional Abuse

Related Literature An abundance of literature exists regarding the use of CTs for healing trauma (Gulden & Jennings, 2016; Hull et al., 2015; Mohi-Ud-Din & Pandey, 2018; Pence et al., 2014; Sears & Chard, 2016). There is an explicit conversation regarding the theological suitability of CTs for Christians (Brown, 2018; Garzon & Ford, 2016; Jain, […]



Inner, Relational, and Family Healing: Overcoming Complex Trauma & Supporting Recovery through Addressing God-attachment

Overview Familial trauma theory is rooted in attachment theory. Attachment theory is the most well-researched theory of human development (Hughes, 2017). Dysfunctions of attachment lend themselves to a myriad of family systems chaos. Ainsworth and Bowlby (1991) were the founders of attachment theory. Different attachment styles stem from an infant’s initial bonds to their parents. […]


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