Stop (actual) cultural appropriation of yoga

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Stop (actual) cultural appropriation of yoga

Have you heard these accusations before?

  • Christian yoga and yin yoga are ‘trend’ yogas and therefore culturally inappropriate
  • Not using the Sanskrit term is a form of whitewashing yoga (ie: guided meditation instead of yoga Nidra)
  • Trying to subject yoga to the scientific method and academia is culturally misappropriating yoga

In this episode, we debunk these misconceptions based on the authority of the research: the consensus of the experts beyond these fad claims of modern yoga gatekeepers. We’ll talk about:

  • Why it’s vital to differentiate classical Indian Yoga from modern yoga therapy
  • The essence of yoga is meditation; the result of meditation is yoga (union with God); all religions use meditation as a spiritual tool like prayer & fasting
  • How these modern gatekeepers have a conflict of interest in creating a monopoly in deciding what’s in and out when it comes to culture and yoga
  • Why a failure to properly define yoga propagates further confusion about the religion and culture
  • Reasons IAYT and YA need to look at whether classical Indian yoga wants to remain culturally adaptable as it was mass-marketed to the west or not
  • How each of the world religions has mystical branches of union that deal with subtle energy anatomy and enlightenment
  • How come becoming more of a Sanskrit scholar won’t deal with the Hindu adaptions of yoga as a spiritual tool of Hinduism in secular culture
  • Why yoga shouldn’t be taught in public schools, hospitals, military, or government if it no longer can be religiously accommodated
  • The need to create more interfaith and intercultural curricula around union therapy and meditation instead of more focusing on Indian yoga

See you in the episode:

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